Association of national backgammon-federations


ANAFEDS is an abbreviation that means Association of National Federations (Association of NAtional FEDerationS). Federations are represented by different countries. Among nations are held tournaments, single games and championships. World championships takes place on annual basis. Each Federation administers via specialized software in the groove separately in the respective language. 6 types of games are supported: backgammon, tapa, gulbara, chelebi, indiika and antibackgammon. The rules are described in detail.
Players from all over the world are allowed to participate.

For security reasons data between the browser and the server is transferred to a protected channels. Some adjustments in "Settings" need to be made.

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ANAFEDS payments are made in Bitcoin - the first crypt currency and decentralized payment system. You can deposit and withdraw money worldwide.

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To ensure fair play, all terms and conditions are described. Conducting games, tournaments and any activity performed by users and site administrators are strictly regulated.