Политика за поверителност


The following Privacy Policy is in execution from 24th May 2018 due terms and provisions of GDPR.

This page is used to inform you regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of any Personal Information and datas while using services and products of anafeds.com.

Ilixx LLC respects and complies strictly all legal terms and provisions concerning the protecting and storing personal data.

This Privacy policy is applicable for anafeds.com managed by Ilixx LLC.

The following Privacy policy is not applicable for services or websites of third parties, related or integrated in any other Ilixx LLC product. Such third parties operate under their own terms and conditions for privacy which Ilixx LLC does not control under any circumstances.

We are committed to protect your interests and rights and in order to guarantee your personal data inviolability we are undertaking special restrictions. This Privacy policy explains what kind of information we collect, how your personal data is used, shared and protected, what choices you have relating to your personal data, how to update it and how you can contact us.

Please, read the following Policy very carefully. If you are not agree with this Policy or any part of it, if you do not want us to collect, store, use or share your personal information in ways written in the Privacy policy, you may not use anafeds.com.

If you continue using our website and if not inform us in written form that you are not agree with our Privacy policy, we accept you are agree with all our terms and conditions.

Continue using our services will be considered as acceptance of this Policy at the time of using anafeds.com.

Should you have any questions regarding this Privacy policy, please contact us at anafeds.com/bg/contact.php and do not use anafeds.com until you are not completely satisfied and accept the Policy in it integrity.

Type information we collect

There are three general categories information we collect:

  1. 1. Information which you provide;
  2. 2. Information used for providing and improving the services of anafeds.com;

    While using anafeds.com you provide us information directly by creating an account. We store this information in our systems and use it in accordance with aims explained in Privacy policy.

    We require and collect the following personal information. This information is required for correct execution of the contract between sides and compliance with legal obligations. Without the information we would not be able to provide you all necessary services.

    • Информация за профила;
    • - Your email address
    • - Password
    • - Additional information which let us check if you personally have access to your account or help us to improve our services

    The information you decide to provide us

    • Допълнителна информация за профила;

    You may choose to provide us additional information as part of your account including address, phone number, personal description or even picture. Part of this account information is public and will be visible to third parties.

    • profile picture;
    • Потребителско име за играта;
    • sex;
    • biography details/date of birth
    • introduction (optional) which you write;
    • connection to other social media accounts;
    • Information you generate, using our communication functions

    When you communicate to us using anafeds.com or other users, we may collect information for your interaction or any other information you decide to provide us with filling forms, search, update or add information to your Account, publish messages of the community, taking part is promotions or use any other functions of anafeds.com.

    • - Correspondence related to support

    We will collect and store information for contact, which you have chosen to submit to our team in order to provide you support, including name, email, feedback address, information for your actions in anafeds.com. We will also store messages to support team and any other information contented in these messages in order to guarantee you help and constant improvement of anafeds.com.

    • - Communication in anafeds.com.
    • Участие в съобщения;
    • - Sending messages, requests or invitations to other players;
    • Разговаряне с други играчи;
    • - Posting pictures, videos, texts, etc.;

    We might have real time access, to record and/or store archives of these messages, comments, pictures, videos or texts in order to use this information to preserve our players, to guarantee their safety and protect our legal rights and ownership related to the functioning of anafeds.com.

    • - Information we automatically collect while you are using anafeds.com;

    While using anafeds.com we automatically collect information, including personal data, for services which you use and the way you are using them. This information is required due performance of the contract between you and anafeds.com, in order be able to comply with legal obligations and having in mind our legitimate interest, to provide and improve the functionality of anafeds.com

    • Информация за използването;

    We collect information for your interactions with anafeds.com. In some cases we might connect this information with your user ID. This information may include:

    • Log данни и информация за устройството;
    • IP адреси;
    • Датите и часовете за достъп;
    • Вида на компютъра или мобилното устройство, което използвате;
    • Версията на вашата операционна система;
    • Идентификаторите на мобилното ви устройство, Идентификатор за рекламиране (IDFA);
    • Типа на браузъра ви;
    • Езикът на вашия браузър;
    • Препращащи и изходни страници и URL адреси;
    • Тип платформа;
    • Поведение при кликане на страници или функции;
    • Целеви страници;
    • Разглежданите страници и движението през тези страници;
    • Времето, прекарано на определени страници;
    • Състоянието на играта и датата и часа на активност в anafeds.com;
    • Телефонен номер;
    • Приблизителна геолокация (от GeoIP местоположение);
    • Игрова активност;
    • Бисквитки и подобни технологии;

    We use Cookies other similar technologies. We, our providers, suppliers and partners on our behalf, as well as Google Analytics, store log files and track technologies such as:

    • - Cookies, which are small fragments of data, transferred from your device aiming keeping accountability;
    • - Web bacons which allows us to know whether a certain page was opened ar a certain email was opened/read;
    • - Tracking pixels which allows us and ad managers for better targeting interested parties for better efficiency;
    • - local storage objects which help us to prevent and react to frauds, to remember your game settings and improve the load time for our products, to identify certain users and to keep track of whether they are entered (Authentication);
    • - mobile identifiers which help us to identify certain users and to keep track of whether they are entered (Authentication);
    • Информация за платежни транзакции;

    If you make payment in anafeds.com our external processors for payment processing will collect required financial information, in order to submit payments. We do not collect and store your personal financial information such as credit cards numbers. We might receive payment information as identity number of the transaction, price and sum.Our payment processors include Interkasa. For additional questions, please refer to their Privacy Policies.

  3. 3. Information we collect from Third parties

    We might collect or receive information for you from other sources such as external information providers necessary to ensure that our contract is properly implemented with you or to be sure we act in accordance with current legislation or your consent. We use this information along with the information you provide us directly to help your friends connect you or to offer you advertising maximum corresponding to your interests. We do not own or control these external services. These external services are ruled by their own rules regarding collecting, usage and disclosure of information.


we comply with all applicable laws, including GDPR, finally approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016, Regulation EU 2016/679, https://www.eugdpr.org/). According the European legislation companies must have a legal basis for processing the data.

  • Вашето съгласие

    When you have given your consent we process your personal data, including personal information, as described at the moment of giving the consent, to process and analyze your personal data and data for usage of anafeds.com, when you are taking part in promo activities conducted by our partners or third parties.

  • - Contract

    - as necessary to comply with our Terms and Conditions; - adequate performance of the contract between you and us;

  • Правно задължение;

    - to allow us to comply all our legal obligations;

  • - Prior interests

    - to protect your prior vital interests;

  • - Legal interests
    • - Our legal interest is to provide and improve functionalities of anafeds.com;
    • - Our legal interest is to protect anafeds.com; and our services;
    • - Detection or prevention of any fraudulent or malicious action against anafeds.com or our users;
    • - To measure the proper implementation of our contract with you;
  • - as well as our legitimate interests (or others), including our interests in providing innovative, personalized, safe and profitable services to our users and partners, unless these interests are overridden by your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms that require protection of personal data;

How do we use the information which we collect

We use, store and process information, including your personal data in order to provide, improve and develop anafeds.com, to create and maintain trusted and safer environment and respect our legal obligations. Our legal interest is to research and optimize anafeds.com; to conduct marketing campaigns, tailor made for you so they might be in your interest

1. Providing, improvement and development of anafeds.com

  • Giving access and usage of anafeds.com;
  • Creating an account in the game and providing ability to play;
  • Allowing you to use our social functions and to communicate with other users;
  • We research and analyze the usage and efficiency of anafeds.com, which helps us to operate and optimize the site;
  • We provide technical and customer support;
  • Communication related to service, support and updates;

2. Creating and maintaining of trustful and safety environment

  • 2. Creating and maintaining of trustful and safety environment Detecting and preventing fraud, spam, abuse, security incidents and other harmful actions;
  • Protecting our rights and ownership in relation with anafeds.com;
  • Respect our legal obligations;
  • Solving disputes with our users;
  • Application of our Terms and Conditions;

3. Providing, personalizing, measuring and improving our advertising and marketing

  • Sending of promotional messages, marketing, advertising and other information, which might be interesting for you, based on your personal preferences;
  • Informing players for updates of the game, new products or promotional offers;
  • Customizing, measuring and improving our advertising
  • Administration of award programs, researches or other promotional activities or events, sponsored or managed by us or our third parties partners;

How do we share this information

  1. Агрегирани данни

    We might share aggregated data/information for our users which we combine in a way not to identify or direct to single user or other anonymous information for compliance with regulations, analyze of the industry and the market, demographic profile, marketing and advertising and any other business goal.

  2. 2. With your consent

    With your consent we may share your information with third parties or to allow them to use the information from anafeds.com in some ways which are not specifically described in this Privacy policy.

  3. 3. Sharing between users

    When you share and communicate with other users in anafeds.com, some of your data might be shared or visible from other users. The information for your profile and for your game activities, such as won amount, number of victories and losses, might be visible in charts and for other users of anafeds.com. Charts also might be published in our websites. All messages in forum and message boards will be visible for other users.

  4. 4. Profiles/ Accounts and other public information

    ANAFEDS.COM allows you to publish information, including personal, which is publicly visible. Single parts from your account such as nickname, profile picture, play points, and others are publicly visible to others.

  5. 5. External suppliers of services (third parties)

    We use diverse external suppliers of services from third parties who help us to provede services related to our products.

    We might share information with such providers from third parties such as processors for payments, analyze of data, statistics and research, email, hosting, customer support, consultancy, marketing and audit, advertising networks.

    These providers has a limited access to your information so they can perform tasks on our behalf and are contractually bound to keep it and use it only for the purposes for which it was shared and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  6. Реклама и анализ

    We use advertising in anafeds.com so this way we may offer free of charge some of our products or functions of products. We do not actively share personal data with external advertisers for needs of direct marketing unless you gave us your consent.

    Advertisers from third parties might collect or we might share information as efficiency data, summarized data or technical information.

    This information is used for advertising efficiency evaluation and for targeting ad messages if you gave us your consent.

    In our products we also have integrated analysis which is used for evaluating the activity of the players so we can improve our services.

    External advertisers might use technologies for tracking such as browser cookies, web beacons, etc.

  7. 7. Safety, security and compliance with the law

    We access, store and share our information with regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies or others.

    In a response of a legal request and if required by law.

    To detect, prevent and address crimes, frauds, unauthorized use of the products, violations of our terms or rules or other harmful or illegal activities; to defend our rights and property;

    In order to protect you and/or other people, in order to prevent death or immediate body harm;

  8. 8. New owner

    If the property or control on all or part of our products or their assets changes, we might transfer your information to the new owner.

How to prosecute your legal rights granted by GDPR?

Упражняване на вашите права

You are allowed to prosecute all your rights, to correct, change or delete any of your information. If you want to prosecute any of your rights described in this section, to check, delete or change the information, which we have for you or you have any further questions, please use the contact form of anafeds.com. We will respond to your request within the next 30 days.

Please notice that we may ask you to confirm your identity before proceeding further actions regarding your request.

Please notice that after changing settings in your account it might take an extra time for changes to be updated because of technical issues and procedure restrictions. These changes will be processed opportunely and in no occasion from more than thirty days.

List of rights in accordance with GDPR

  1. Правото на информация

    You have the right to be informed for collecting and usage of your personal data. If you want to see your personal data which we stored use the contact form in anafeds.com.

  2. Право на достъп

    You have the right of access to your personal data. You may access your account and update part of information using settings in your profile.

  3. Правото на коригиране

    You have the right to edit, correct or add incorrect or missing data. You are responsible for updating your personal data.

  4. Правото на изтриване

    You have the right to delete your personal data. Your deleting right is also known as `right to be forgotten`.

  5. Право на ограничаване на обработката

    You have the right to ask limitation of the processing or prohibition the usage of your personal data. This is not an absolute right and might be applied only under certain circumstances. When the processing is limited we are allowed and may store personal data but we can not use them.

  6. Право на преносимост на данни

    You have the right to receive and re-use your personal data for your own purposes. The right is valid only for the date you provided us. You may ask for copies of your personal data which you have given to us in structured, often used and machine-readable format.

  7. Право на възражение

    Individuals has the right to object against: processing based on legitimate interests or performing a task of public interest/exercising official authority.

  8. Проследяване с бисквитките

    You may set your browser to warn you for placing cookies attempts on your computer or restricting the type of cookies you allow. If you deactivate the cookies you might lose some of the functionalities of anafeds.com, because cookies are necessary to track and improve your activities.


ANAFEDS.COM content advertisements from third parties, which are companies different from ours which might leads to their websites, online services or momile applications.

How long do we store your information

How long do we store your information depends on why do we collect it and how use it further. We do store data until this is necessary in order to provide our services (depicted in the contract) or to deleting of your account – depending which occurs first.

In some certain cases it is possible to save part of the information for defined period after your profile been closed: for the purposes of our legitimate business interests such as detecting and avoiding fraud and security;

The information you had shared with other users/messages in forums and diverse message boards/ might continue appear in anafeds.com even after cancelation of your account. Furthermore your information (such as log files) might stay on our data base but they would not be connected to personal identifiers.

As we take continuous measures to prevent accidental or malicious data loss for products, residual copies of your personal data cannot be removed from our archive systems for limited time.


We continuously apply and update administrative, technical and physical security measures in order to protect your information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction or change. Some of the precautions we use to protect your information are firewalls, encryption of data, SSL encrypted communication between client and server, Secure keys for certifications and controlled level of access the information.

Please be cautious with your logging data, including the email address and entering password. If you know or you have reason to believe that your account data has been lost, stolen, misappropriated or otherwise compromised, or in case of actual or suspected unauthorized use of your account, please contact us immediately.

When you log in your account or enter payment data on page of our partner who processes payments/processor of payments/we or the processor of payments use encryption to transmit this information.

Although we are taking precautions against potential security breaches of anafeds.com and our data base and our customers` records, no web site or Internet transfer is absolutely sure. We cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, loss of data, or other violations are impossible to happen as well as we cannot guarantee the security of ypur information while transferring.


Due to the global nature of anafeds.com and in order to provide better service we might transfer, store and process information for players and users of our products, including personal information on servers and equipment as well as services providers based in or outside the EEA such as USA or Canada for described aims and in accordance with these policy.

These data transfers are necessary for normal functioning of anafeds.com worldwide.

Data we store also might be processed by employees, operating outside EEA who are working with us or with our partners and services providers. These employees might be obliged with other tasks also such as: A. processing your transactions and payment information and B. support.

When we transfer your personal data internationally we will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is treated with certainty, law and in the manner we describe here. Please have in mind that laws vary depending on the certain jurisdiction and for this reason personal data laws applicable regionally where the information transfer or store, use or processing might vary from personal data laws applicable to your residence place.

When we transfer, store and process your personal data outside EEA we are doing our best to provide suitable safeguards to ensure an adequate level of data protection.

Changes in this privacy policy

In order to comply with the latest legislation and to apply the best possible protection we keep all rights to change this Privacy Policy anytime in accordance with the legislation.

In case we make amends in this Privacy Policy we will publish the revised Policy on this web page and we will update the date of entry into force at the top of this Privacy Policy.

We will announce changes by adding a notification in anafeds.com or by sending an email to the address you have provided to us. We might also publish additional notifications.